Griffith University Student Challenge

In November Vector was involved in an innovation challenge event at Griffith University at its Gold Coast campus. The university is investigating ways to use technology to improve the outcomes for students - including job outcomes. More than 70 students participated in the session which was sponsored by Cisco and attended by industry and government. The challenge format was as follows:

- Identify four problems that the university wants to solve using technology (e.g. improving student attendance at campus)

- Assigning specific problems to individual groups made up of students and industry 

- Most of the day spent trying to clarify the specific problems that need to be solved and potential solutions

- Concluding with a `pitch' event where each team had to put their specific idea forward to a panel of university experts

The day was intended to demonstrate that students a) had a valuable contribution to make; b) could benefit from being exposed to industry and university `problems' and c) could learn the importance of industry skills such as collaboration, problem solving and communication in the course of the day. The feasibility of ideas generated on the day are being investigated by the university.